Ethan Myers by Paul Corricelli

When an introverted teenager wins a literary contest, his deadbeat uncle is enlisted by the publisher to pose as the author, setting in motion a series of events that could very well get them all killed.

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Another Win!

It’s been a good end of the year for my horror screenplay INKED IN BLOOD. “Inked” will be the first winner of the 2016 WildSound screenplay festival.

Inked In Blood also placed in the semi-finals of the Stage 32 Search for New Blood contest, the Story Pros contest, Screenplay Festival, and the Top 25 of the Spotlight screenplay Contest.

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Inked In Blood video logline

Check out the video longline for my horror screenplay, Inked In Blood.

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Super Humans by Paul Corricelli

After cataclysmic solar flares change the world as we know it, a young man finds himself part of a select new breed of Super-Humans. As the world falls down around him, he must discover if he has what it takes to be the hero that the world needs him to be.

Major Sinclair is a comic book store owner. But, comic books are not his only passion. His dream is to become a Capital City police officer and follow in his late fathers footsteps. But, Major has asthma and cannot pass the police academies physical. At night his sleep is haunted by nightmares of his families brutal murder at the hands of criminal know as the “BRICK,” and his days are filled with rejection letters from the academy. All this pressure does nothing to help his strained relationship with Tiffany, a twenty-eight year old lawyer on the fast track to success who has very little patience for his meager earnings from the comic book store.

But, life on Earth will change forever, as the world is suddenly bombarded by a series of devastating solar flares. When Major is caught out in the open during the most cataclysmic event, he is engulfed in a wall of radiated fire and rendered unconscious. He wakes to find that, not only has he survived, but he now has super-human abilities.

Major is not the only human to find themselves “enhanced.” Among the world-wide devastation and death, a mad man has begun to amass a gang of super powered thugs to eliminate all those who could oppose him in his plans to take control of Capital City.

As Major tries to make sense of his life while it falls apart around him, he must find out if he has what it takes to stand up to the man who is hunting Super-Humans. The man who murdered his parents.

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Revenge is never a straight line.

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Contest Winner

Inked in Blood won the 2014 Table Read My Screenplay Contest, Horror category. It also placed in the final round of the ScreenplayFestival Contest for 2013.

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Inked in Blood

It wasn’t forgiveness for the constant physical and mental abuse, the broken bones, stitches and deep mental scaring of the past that brought Aesop Quarrels to the backwater town he ran away from as a young boy. It was revenge.

Sheriff Edsall Quarrels was a cruel, ruthless and vindictive man on his best of days. After the birth of Aesop, his freakish Albino son, (his words), Edsall decided to “rent” his wife out to his friends for money, instead of killing her outright for birthing this abomination. Amidst the constant abuse of growing up, Aesop was forced to endure the sights and sounds of his mothers suffering at the hands of his fathers weekly poker buddies as they played out their deepest, darkest perversions behind closed doors. Inked in Blood starts mid thrust on this twisting trail of carnage that ultimately must lead to Aesop facing the one man responsible for their suffering-his father. One by one he will make them pay. And, among the wreckage of human flesh, Aesop will uncover a hidden family secret that threatens to tear him apart.

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